Wireless Car Charger Holder

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Wireless charging for devices with Qi standard. Charging fast at 10W, 7.5W and ordinary at 5W.
Wireless charging sensing : When the phone with wireless charge receiver approaches the charger, the two clips will automatically clip the phone and charge wirelessly.
Foreign body detection sensing : When the phone without wireless receiver approaches the charger, the two clips will also automatically clip the phone, then use it for a phone holder. The clip can extend and retract flexibly, so easily fix phone to charger or release to use.
New upgrade mute design : Using the mute motor, the clips stretch and shrink with No noise. Over-current protection, over-heat protection and short-circuit protection.


Full-automatic car wireless charger
Material : ABS + SILICON GEL
Input power : 9V / 2A or 5V / 3A
Output power : 15W / 10W / 7 . 5W / 5W
Working frequency : 110-205KHZ
Wireless charging effective distance :3-6mm ( max )
Conversion efficiency : Normal charge > 70 %, faster charge > 75 %

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