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Introducing Kaaba Watch and Speaker

Easy to adjust: Thanks to its intuitive functionality, this clock is very easy to adjust. You can simply refer to the prayer times indicated on the screen and adjust them according to your needs.

Soothing Quranic Night Light – Built-in Quranic night light emits a soft and soothing light, creating a peaceful atmosphere that promotes concentration and meditation during prayers. This clock features a built-in Quran with 30 renowned reciters, offering options in 28 languages including French, English, Spanish, and many more.
Stylish and functional design: With its modern and clean design, this clock can be perfectly integrated into any room of your home. In addition, it also displays the temperature and different cities of the world, making it a perfect gift for practitioners of Islam.

Unprecedented Sound Quality: Enjoy exceptional sound quality that exceeds expectations, allowing you to enjoy recitation with remarkable clarity and depth.

The clock comes with a USB cable, allowing you to easily plug in or charge it. Portable design gives you the ability to take it with you anywhere, enjoy the spiritual experience wherever you are.

A perfect gift for Muslims: This clock is not only an alarm clock, it is also a real work of art. Its handmade design makes it a unique decorative object. Its golden color gives it a touch of luxury and elegance. It is the ideal gift for any occasion, whether it is Eid, Ramadan or any other special event.

About this item

  • Azan 5 x Turkey, Mecca, Medina, Al-Aqsa, Egypt, Indonesia, Morocco, Malaysia.
  • Kaaba Holy Site, Faithful Shape, All Elements 1:1.
  • Quran, 9 Buttons for Listening Telbiye, Fatiha Suresi, Amenerrasulu, Hasr Suresi, Yasin Suresi, Mulk Suresi, Nebe Suresi, Kadr Suresi, Ihlas, Felak and Nas Sureleri.
  • Islam: For daily praying, one of the 5 pillars of Islam.
  • Prayer, Namaz, 5 times daily prayer times.





Discover the Adhan Kaaba Clock, an exceptional timepiece that combines spirituality and advanced technology. This clock has an integrated Quran with 30 renowned recitators, offering options in 28 languages, including French, English, Spanish and many others.

1. Immerse yourself in reciting the Holy Quran with 30 famous recitators and 28 translators with whom you can connect with the divine teachings in the language and voice of your choice.


2. Alarm function for an inspired day: Wake up gently to soothing verses from the Quran or the melodic sound of the Adhan thanks to the clock's built-in wake-up function. Start your day with inspiration and serenity.


3. Versatility and portability Convenient: The clock comes with a USB cable, so you can easily plug it in or charge. The portable and compact design allows you to take it with you wherever you go, so you can enjoy the spiritual experience anywhere.


4. Soothing Quran Night Light: Turn your space into an oasis of peace with the built-in night light that diffuses soft coral light. Create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation for your moments of reflection and prayer at night.

5. Exceptional sound quality: Enjoy unparalleled sound quality that recites the Quran. Each word is clear and accurate, so you can fully appreciate the beauty of the verses.

6. Large storage capacity: With 16GB internal memory, the clock provides enough space to store additional Islamic content, such as anachids, conferences and much more, to enrich your spiritual practice.

Enjoy the excellent sound quality, practical versatility and portable design to enrich your spiritual journey.



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