Full Glue Privacy Tempered Glass for All iPhone Models

Model: iPhone 7
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Features and Details:
Full Glue Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector for all iPhone models

A privacy screen protector serves double duty as a screen guard to keep your display scratch-free while also keeping your data safe from prying eyes. Like a regular screen guard, these can be of the PET film or tempered glass variety. But, it has an additional anti-spy layer that limits the viewing angle of your display.

“Visual hacking” is a fancy way of describing how someone sits or stands around you and looks at what’s on your device’s screen. It may seem harmless, but it’s worth thinking about at least since many of us do almost everything on our phones.

Using the phone for everything, from social media to online banking, has become second nature. However, if you’re logging into accounts and or checking sensitive information, others might be able to see it all as well, while you unknowingly type away. We all love the large, bright, beautiful displays of our phones, but they certainly aren’t great for privacy.

Of course, it’s not just about malicious intent. You might not want others to know what you’re doing on the phone. Regardless of what you’re watching, what websites you visit, or the social media you scroll through. We do a lot on our phones, but nobody else but you should know what that is.

It isn’t just about privacy in public areas either. If a spouse, partner, or roommate gets annoyed that you are on your phone all night, a privacy screen protector helps here as well. It guarantees that they aren’t disturbed by the light from your phone, while you can continue to enjoy it without any issues.

Of course, the privacy screen protector also gives you the same advantage as a regular screen protector. It provides a great way to keep the display free of scratches and safe during accidental bumps and drops.

Specially designed for iPhone (Completely covering the front screen with edge to edge protection)

Perfect adhesion, easy to apply and remove, made from superior 9H tempered glass that is scratch resistant and shatterproof protecting your screen from scratches to high impact drops. High-response, high-transparency, bubble free

keeps your screen free of fingerprints and oily smudges and is easy to clean.

Ultra thin-thickness is reliable and durable and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity


With the advent of technology, most cell phones' screen is hard enough to prevent from scratches.

This screen protector is one of the best on the market. It uses Special tempered glass, up to 9H hardness, super strong and durable, which protects against burst, explosion, impacts and bumps. Special oleophobic coating surface more effectively prevents from fingerprints, oil and dirt.


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