EarPod Pro - Wireless Charging Case

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Meet your new companion for wireless music, our best selling Super Phone Deals EarPod Pro encompass the current trends. With the latest technology such as a QI charging which enables you to charge it without the need of cables and you can chare totally wirelessly!

Not only do they work on Apple Devices you can also use these on any Compatible Android Device!

You're audio experience is about to evolve with these EarPods with the following compatibilities:

▪︎ Automatic In-Ear Detection
▪︎ Pop-Up Connection Display
▪︎ Fantastic Sound Quality + Super Bass
▪︎ Fast Charging Case

▪︎ EarPod Pro headphones
▪︎ EarPod Charging Case
▪︎ EarPod Ear Buds S-M-L
▪︎ USB to Lightening Charging Cable
▪︎ Manual

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