Shockproof King Kong Protective Case Cover for All iPhone Models - Clear

Model: iPhone 5
Sale price£6.99


Features and Details:
Clear Shockproof Case for all iPhone models

- Air Cushion Technology
- Anti Scratch
- Lightweight and Slim
- Raised Lip on Corners
- Flexible Gel Material
- Excellent Comfortable Grip
- Works Great With Screen Protector
- Non-slippery, Feel Very Snug

Product Details:

This Panther Force Case - is one of the most advanced protective cases available which does not compromise the look of your phone. It has many advanced technologies built in to it during manufacturing which aids and provides superior protection for your device. The flexible soft but tough silicone cover absorbs accidental impacts you may have to your phone protecting the handset from damage. The corners are specially designed with Air Cushion Technology to further absorb the force of shock from impact.

Dot Matrix Technology:

The cover also has Dot Matrix Technology built in that reduces the visibility of fingerprints smudges on your case. The case is ultra-lightweight and slim therefore very easy to attach and remove from your phone. The cover also has a 'Raised Lip’ design feature all around the front edge which helps protect your phone from screen damage if placed faced down. The Case is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand with comfort and a soft feel yet secure grip.

Please take the time to ensure you have selected your correct iPhone model from the drop down "Model Options" menu where all models all listed This will avoid any issues later.

Package Includes:
1 x Apple iPhone Clear Case
Outer Package Size 20cm*11cm*2cm (Letter Box Friendly)

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