Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter - Black

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Enhanced Safety

Start your next two-wheeled adventure with the Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter

A brand new entry level e-scooter, the Mi Essential arrives with enhanced safety through a newly developed E-ABS anti-lock brake system and upgraded headlights and reflectors. 

Designed for those who value convenience, the e-scooter is crafted out of low-density, high-strength aerospace grade aluminium and registers at a tiny 12kg.

Minimalist Design

All of this is achieved thanks to a minimalist design which provides only the essentials required for performance and convenience, including a multi-functional dashboard, high-power lithium battery and new pneumatic tyres, with the additional bonus of a 2-year warranty, so that your e-scooter is well protected.



Functionality is also increased, with the Mi App offering a range of features.

Simply connect to your e-scooter via Bluetooth and take smart control, giving you access to a remote locking system, rider data and cruise control settings.

Functionality is also increased, with the Mi App offering a range  of features.


Factor in the additional resilience achieved through the new pneumatic tyres, and you have the ultimate e-scooter.

These new generation 8.5” pneumatic tyres benefit from comprehensively improved robustness and puncture resistance and are up to 3 times more durable than previous versions.

With the Essential Mi, you can expand your horizons to ride 



Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter at a Glance

  • Maximum speed 12.4mph
  • Maximum range: 12.4 Miles / 20km*
  • Typical range: 9 Miles / 14km**
  • Dual braking system - Automatic electronic regenerative brakes with E-ABS and rear disc brake
  • Skid resistant and shock absorbing 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres
  • Sophisticated cruise control system
  • LED display with speed, battery level and driving mode
  • Three speed modes - Pedestrian, standard and sports
  • Brand new front, rear & side reflectors and a licence plate holder for added safety
  • Front, rear and brake lights
  • Smart phone enabled - connect via Bluetooth to the Mi Home App

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